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About Bodies in Motion at Twin Oaks 

We are offering classes for Beginner I - with no minimum skill requirements, Beginner II - you will need to test out of the Beginner I skills, and Intermediate - you will need to test out of the Beginner II skills.  The Advanced and Pre-Team levels will be invite-only and have a minimum skill requirement. 
Please email if you would like your daughter to be evaluated for our Advanced or Pre - Team level.  The skill requirements are listed below if you have any questions please email 4bodiesinmotion@gmail.com 
Again, this is new for everyone, if your child signs up in Beginner I and after the first week or so it’s determined that she would be a better fit in Beginner II or vice versa, we will have that conversation and find the right fit for your daughter.  Nothing is set in stone and we will navigate this together.

When will my child compete?

As we begin this new youth competitive venture there are a few unknowns.  Being this is a brand new program to PL we are unsure we will have enough students to create a team or have a group of students that are ready to compete in such a short amount of time. 

The competition season typically begins in December - February.  At this time it is not 100% that we will have a competitive team for the 2021-22 season.  This is ok!  I would rather show up to our first competition and be prepared and competitive! I

If we feel we have a team that is ready for 21-22, then we are prepared to start competing this year. This will be communicated if this becomes an option.   There are many layers to getting ready for a competition team and I want to be as prepared as we can. 

Beginner I Prerequisites

No minimum skill level is required!

Beginner II Prerequisites

2-foot jump on springboard, squat onto Resi mat
Low bar - Pullover with 3 casts, finish in a front support
Front support hollow hold 10 sec.
Monkey walks - hand over hand

(can be on the low bar)
Walks - forward, backwards, grapevine, in releve’
Bunny hops, long jumps, 3 bounding straight jumps, 
Mount onto beam - Jump to front support, swing leg over, hook toes to the
back and stand up
Dismount - Safety Straight jump off the beam land and stick!
Forward roll - without hands to stand up
Backward roll - arms over head
Hollow hold - 10 sec.
Arch hold - 10 sec.
Bridge hold - 10 sec.
Fundamentals of a Handstand 

(start with correct technique, ok not to finish correctly)
Fundamentals of a Cartwheel 
(start with correct technique, ok not to finish correctly)

Advanced Prerequisites

These skills are the baseline required, but not limited to the following. Skill evaluation and invitation to Advanced required

Run, hurdle to 2 feet, with arm circle, squat on to Resi mat 
Donkey kick to Handstand flat back onto Resi mat - with mini tramp
Handstand flat back with hands on a panel mat fall onto mat

Low bar combo:
   Glide swing - pull over - cast - back hip circle - finish in front support
Squat on the bar - with resi mat under bar
Baby Giant - with spot on low bar
Undershoot dismount

Jump ½ turn
Dismount - Round off
Handstand - facing forward
Cartwheel - spotted
Leap - 45 degrees (step-step leap)
½ turn

Full turn 
Backward roll to push up position - feet land on panel mat
Back walkover
Handstand Bridge
Handstand forward roll
Round off - Rebound - Stick
Dive roll
Front Handspring - over octagon (with hands in front)
Tuck Jump full
Straight jump 1 ½ 
2-foot hop with arm circle
Donkey Kick
   Hands on a panel mat and bounce off a mini-tramp

Back Hip Circle
Front support walks
3 Re-grip swings drop to the back
Jump - Glide swing - drop back to mat, legs together and straight

Tuck Jump
Dismount - Fundamentals of a Round off 
Mount - Front support beam mount
Sissone’ - 2 feet start - jump - finish on 1 foot
Handstand progression - Donkey kick (can be spotted) hands on beam,
kick feet up and land back on the beam. 

½ turn
Backward roll to a push-up position
Bridge holding each leg for 5 sec
Cartwheel - with correct form and technique 
Handstand - with correct form and technique
Jump full turn
Back bend 
(can be with spot)

Intermediate Prerequisites

Pre-Team Prerequisites

These skills are the baseline required, but not limited to the following. Skill evaluation and invitation to Pre-Team required

Front Handspring flat back onto Resi mat
Red Vault Table - Front handspring with mini tramp

Squat on jump to high bar - long hang pullover
Push away - flyaway dismount with spot

Cartwheel - on high beam
Tuck ½ jump
Straight ¾ jump
Branny dismount
Split jump - 135 degrees
Pike jump
Back walkover - with spot
Full turn
Combo - Tuck jump - jump ½ turn

Connected - 2 tuck jump full turns 
Jumps with correct technique
   Split jump - 180 degrees
   Pike jump - horizontal
   Wolf jump
Round off Back handspring
Front walkover
Front Handspring 
Back extension to handstand
Handstand hold - 10 sec.
Straddle Press Handstand starting from a stand

Winter Session Schedule

The TWIN - Winter (Nov 8 - Feb 17) will be a total of 12 weeks with 10 weeks of classes.  

No classes from December 20th - January, 1st.
Tuition is automatically prorated at registration.  

When registering there will be an annual registration fee of $30 per family that is good from September 2021 - August 2022.