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Pre-K Classes

Our Pre K Classes are 45 minutes long and for kids ages 4-5. To qualify for our Pre-K class students must turn 4 by September 1st, preschool experience preferred, and must be able to use the restroom independently.  
After a short warm up, students spend time on bars and the floor. Our preschool classes promote coordination, gross motor skills, strength, and flexibility. This class will work on skill development for:

*forward / backward rolls    *Handstands    *bridges    
*Small / Large motor skills
*Learning to follow directions    *Balance and coordination    
*Body awareness
*Body positions and shapes
*Skills on bars such as: 
*Monkey walks    *Pullovers    *Tip and flips    *Swinging    *Bat swings    *Body position holds 
**Plus much more! 
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