Bodies in Motion is proud to partner with the Prior Lake High School Gymnastics team! 
We are now offering Pre K classes for ages 4 and up.  Unfortunately, we are not offering classes for 3-year-olds at this time.  To qualify for our Pre-K class students must turn 4 by September 1st, preschool experience preferred, and must be able to use the restroom independently.  Click the button for more information and to register!
Our format for the General Gymnastics classes has changed!  
This class works on the basic fundamentals for all gymnastics related skills. 
We will spend more time on the floor area giving the students more time to work on skill development.  This class will also be spending time on bars to continue to build strength and body awareness.  
Our gymnastics classes for dancers are specialized to give your dancer the skills to accomplish all their goals. Students will become stronger and more flexible. Most of our work with dancers is done on our floor area with full mirrors. We take time to stretch properly with excellent form. 
Our gymnastics classes that are designed for cheerleaders focus on strength and form. Whether your student is a back base, base or flyer - our classes will enhance their full cheer potential. Your cheerleader will work to power through a round-off back handspring and fly through a double toe touch! 
Per our COVID guidelines, our parent waiting room will remain closed until further notice.  Parents are allowed to walk in their children and wait with them until the class has started. “Student Pick up” is located at the back of BIM in the alleyway between Shell Gas station and the back of BIM.   All students will be escorted by a staff member and will wait with students until they have been picked up.  
 Your child’s temperature will be taken upon arriving at each class.  The temperature requirement is 99.5 and lower.  
*If a student’s temp reads higher than 99.5 we will wait and retemp 3 times and if the average temp is higher than 99.5 your child will have to be dismissed from class.
Masks are required for all staff and students for all gymnastics, dance and Cheer classes.  Pre K students are not required to wear a mask. 
Per COVID protocols we are not allowed to offer make up classes however, we are able to offer 1 class credit per session.