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Cheer Tumbling

T-U-M-B-L-E! is where it's at!
Our gymnastics classes that are designed for cheerleaders focus on strength and form. Whether your student is a back base, base or flyer - our classes will enhance their full cheer potential. Your cheerleader will work to power through a round-off back handspring and fly through a double toe touch! Building core strength is a must for any competitive cheerleader. We condition each class with positive encouragement because we want to see your student go beyond what they thought was possible. The sky's the limit! 
This class is broken down by age groups 8-10yo and 11+
This class will focus on skill development for:
*Back walkover *Back handsprings *Back tucks *Strong cartwheels *Round offs
*Cheer jumps *Running tumbling *Handstands *Strength and Flexibility
*Fast and slow-twitch muscle development
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