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General Gymnastics

Our general gymnastics classes work on two apparatuses - bars and floor. Students are taught foundational gymnastics skills they can build off of and enjoy for years to come. Your child will learn how to stretch and tumble safely under a qualified coach and truly enjoy seeing their progress throughout each session.  
Our classes are broken down by age groups, Pre K ages 4-5,  Kindergarten - 7yo, 8-10yo and 11+.  
We work on the basic fundamentals of skills such as:
*Bridges    *Cartwheels    *Round offs    *Back bends    *Back/Front walkovers
*Handstands    *Back handsprings        *Small / large motor skills
*Strength and flexibility to correspond with skill development

This class also works on Bars!  Bars is not only FUN it is a favorite by all!  Bars also builds a lot of strength and helps develop body control and awareness. 
The high beam has been removed from the studio however, the low beams will be used on occasion.  
Plus much more!  
****If you have a Dancer, Cheerleader or beginner gymnast ages Kindergarten to 7yo.  This is the class for you! 
This class works on the basic fundamentals for all gymnastics related skills. 
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