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About  Molly Susee
Hi! My name is Molly Susee. I coach gymnastics here at Bodies in Motion. In addition to being a gymnastics coach, I have been a certified group fitness instructor since 2018 and more recently a certified yoga instructor. I predominantly teach in Shakopee where I am married, have 3 kids and 2 dogs. I love teaching fitness classes that improve real people’s lifestyles. Most of us are not training to be olympic athletes, we just want to feel strong and confident in our bodies. Fitness should be about empowerment rather than punishment. The best classes are those that are fun, social, challenging and efficient. We need to feel challenged to change but we don’t need to embrace the no pain no gain attitude to make significant physical gains. I’m excited at the opportunity to bring my style of fitness to Bodies in Motion. We have a great facility that is able to adapt to the challenges of the recent year. I hope to see you at the gym!
Molly is Certified in the following Fitness Formats
*Barre Connect
*Barre Sculpt
*Yoga (YTT-200)
*Group Fitness
*Senior Fitness
*Exercise for People with Parkinson's
*First Aid/CPR
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