Bodies In Motion (BIM) is a recreational gymnastics facility offering Pre-K, General Gymnastics, and specialty gymnastics classes for Dancers and Cheerleaders.  We are excited to announce that we are expanding and developing a youth competitive program!  MAGA - Midwest Amature Gymnastics Association is a competitive program for youth starting as young as 7 years old through 8th grade.  MAGA program follows the High School Gymnastics scoring and rule guidelines which means MAGA is a direct transition to the PL High School Gymnastics Team in 9th grade!   We are excited about this expansion and are looking forward to this opportunity to bring a youth competitive gymnastics program to Prior Lake!  BIM will be adding Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Pre-Team classes at Twin Oaks Middle school (TWIN)!  That’s right, we will have access to a full gymnastics gym and all of the amenities!  The new PL gymnastics team head coach, Patrick Kloeckner-Walters, will be coaching as well!  BIM will have 2 locations, downtown PL on Main Street and Twin Oaks Middle School.  



Our 3300 Square foot studio has over 2000 feet of dedicated floor space. This space is perfect for your dancer to perfect her aerial, your cheerleader to nail that back handspring, or even let your elementary student burn off that neverending energy in a safe and structured environment. 

  • 2000+ sq. feet dedicated cheer floor

  • Resistance bands

  • Full wall mirrors

  • Portable air floor

  • Uneven bars

  • Mini-Trampolines

  • Enhanced cleaning protocol

  • Panel Mats

  • Two sets of wall bars

  • Sound system for playing dance routine music

  • Floor mats

  • Landing blocks and crash mats

  • Training aids