General Gymnastics

Our general gymnastics classes work on three apparatuses - bars, beam, and floor. Students are taught foundational gymnastics skills they can build off of and enjoy for years to come. Your child will learn how to stretch and tumble safely under a qualified coach and truly enjoy seeing their progress throughout each session.

Gymnastics for Cheerleaders


T-U-M-B-L-E! is where it's at!

Our gymnastics classes that are designed for cheerleaders focus on strength and form. Whether your student is a spotter, base or flyer - our classes will enhance their full cheer potential. Your cheerleader will work to power through a round-off back handspring and fly through a double toe touch! Building core strength is a must for any competitive cheerleader. We condition each class with positive encouragement because we want to see your student go beyond what they thought was possible. The sky's the limit! 

Gymnastics for Dancers

Our gymnastics classes for dancers are specialized to give your dancer the skills to accomplish all their goals. We will push your dancers leaps to new heights and teach them how to turn that aerial with ease! Students will become stronger and more flexible to enhance all of their dancing dreams! Most of our work with dancers is done on our floor area with full mirrors. We take time to stretch properly with excellent form. We also use the bars and beam for strength exercises to keep their muscles conditioned all year round.

Preschool Classes

Our Preschool Classes are 30 minutes long and are for kids ages 3-4 that are potty trained. After a short warm up, students spend time on bars, beam, and floor. Our preschool classes promote coordination, gross motor skills, strength, and flexibility. 

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